Trees, Mushrooms and Truffles

My name is Melissa Waddingham and I am a truffle hunter and wild mushroom picker. In the spring and autumn months I run mushroom forays, truffle hunts, talks, courses and throughout the year I provide truffle hound training days for your truffle hound to be.

I also manage woodlands for the sustainable production of truffle. For more information regarding these services, click on the relevant tab above on the main bar or contact me.

Dates of up and coming events will be posted and group numbers are small with a maximum of ten people so I do advise that you book well in advance. One to one and smaller group forays/courses are also available.

Truffle hunting is an uncommon practice here in England and the rare opportunity to have a go with a trained dog and its owner is an experience not to be missed for a great day out!

Zebedee and I truffle hunting in picture below, taken by Derek Martin from at West Sussex County Times.

I have early memories of foraging with my grandfather in Champagne, France gathering Chanterelles. I was never aware that he secretly slipped out and came home with the odd truffle in his pocket, apparently only for special customers and family as he ran an auberge that was very popular with the locals for his sublime food.. It was my father who told me about my Grandfather and his truffle antics, when I presented him with ten or eleven of my own!  I found this instantly gratifying realising that my passion truly was in the blood.

Foraging for fungi has been a way of life for centuries, especially abroad. In England, mushroom picking seems to be viewed with suspicion and is not a common past time for those living in the country as it is in countries like France, Italy and Eastern Europe. Trends are now slowly changing and more people are more interested in foraging for fungi these days.

Apart from the fact that mushroom hunting can be a deadly past time and needs a professional eye cast over before consumption, mushroom picking codes of practice must be strict and carried out for their sustainability and care of the environment. This is because they play a major part our in ecology which is essential and not commonly appreciated. The relationship that fungi have with trees and other plants is phenomenal and our world would not be the same without them. I have studied forestry and woodland management and my real fascination lies within how woodlands function, understanding all the complex relationships within this environment.

                           A photo of me when I was out filming with John Craven  for Countryfile1553175_745964202151487_4938541492044643616_o

All my forays are insured and fully covered with public and products liability insurance. 
I am a current member of the British Mycological Society.
All photographs on this site, except for photographs directly attributed to other photographers, are the property of Melissa Waddingham, Copyright 2017.

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Truffle&MushroomHunter 2017-02-23 21:25
Natasha, it could well be, do they look like the truffles on my blog? Photo them and also cut in half e mail good clear pics to me and I will let you know, Lime is a host to truffle
Truffle&MushroomHunter 2017-02-23 21:21
Hi Wayne, they do indeed and yes I can help you train your dog, thanks for your interest and message. I will call you soon or you can call me on 07896156664
Wayne 2017-02-23 20:30
Hi..I was thinking of training my dog to hunt truffles on the farm I live on.
So they grow in East Sussex??
07713 181 691
Please ring if u have any classes in my area..many thanks..wayne
Natasha 2017-02-22 11:22
Hi Melissa,
I am contacting you as you came up in a google search for 'truffles fungi'.
I have some strange looking fungi growing around the roots of a common lime tree in my garden, that I'd like to identify.
I googled what they may be and am wondering if there is a possibility they could be truffles?
Kind Regards,
Truffle&MushroomHunter 2017-02-11 18:40
Yes its the only sustainable way...I train dogs and owners ;-)
Victorine Sara 2017-02-11 16:23
I do don't I!! ? I took my elderly neighbours fox terrier to the woods, he wasn't having any of it! Maybe I need to train him first!! Lol.. Yes you're right Melissa!! ?
Truffle&MushroomHunter 2017-02-11 15:54
You need a dog Victorine its the only way!
Truffle&MushroomHunter 2017-02-11 14:28
Hi Alison dates for 2017 will be up in next few days. All hunts take place in Sussex, England
Alison valentine 2017-02-11 10:32

Sounds a great trip out. Can you advise of some dates please. Also where?
Victorine Sara 2017-01-21 21:03
Hi Melissa! Just watching Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, they had a piece on Truffle hunting, I only thought they came from France so delighted on my walks in the woods I now look out near tree roots! ?

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