It's All About the Aroma - Truffle Therapy

A hunt with a difference. The aroma of truffle is what it’s all about. I use it as it has an amazing feel good factor, re wilding qualities and I use for a re grounding therapy.This experience and experience is for those that need to re connect with nature. I use the medicinal properties that I and others strongly believe enhances ones mood, recognised to re vitalise the serotonin levels. I offer this in a woodland environment and use these qualities to help reconnect with ones self in a harmonious natural setting. A calm and quiet opportunity to be alone away from the group for the time you need to reflect and rejuvenate your awareness to the natural world, arise from your normal surroundings, using the powerful aroma of truffle, using ones you have found and will keep to achieve a sensory experience which is heady, uplifting and invigorating!  Now awakened to the sound, feel and look  of the truffle woodland and with you as part of it’s community; one can appreciate the birdsong, the sound of the leaves in the wind, the trees groaning and creaking as they grow, sway and communicate underground via the fungal world wide web. It’s a time to unite and be a part of the natural world and get your hands into the soil. Remove the tainted word of “dirt” from our earth and see how rich it is, full of life, a habitat so vital we need to get close to understand it and feel it’s glorious benefit and consider what we need to look after it, our world and ourselves!

We will be returning dried truffle to the wild using truffle trimmings not fit for consumption for the kitchen after truffle prep and cleaning. With permission from the landowner we will be inoculating young regenerated whips with a sterile inoculum that I have made at HQ, in areas where there should in my opinion be more truffle presence associated with young trees. Constantly loosing woodland habitat as a result of land reclamation/overpopulation I feel it is my obligation to spread the truffle love for the next generation of trees, their communities and others to enjoy as much as I do.

Delicious fresh soup and bread will be served for lunch with truffle of course - along with other wild samples from our foray for you to taste. Please state any dietary requirements

Forage Details

Start 25-11-2018 10:00 am
Finish 25-11-2018 3:00 pm
Available places 10
Cut off date 24-11-2018 10:00 pm
Individual Price £100.00
Location Sussex
This forage is fully booked.
£100.00 10

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