Dates For Mushroom Hunts and Truffle Hunts

Amethyst Deceiver

24th September                                                                Petworth                                                                   10am – 3pm

A beginner’s guide to mushroom identification, a foray aimed for all ages that are interested fungi and understanding their role in our environment. Picking and consumption of fungi will not take place on this foray; it will be a visual foray but bring your camera!

25th September                                                               Summer Truffle Hunt                                                                  10am-3pm

The location a secret, all will be revealed on the day, blindfolds will be provided! ( Joke!)

I think this could be the first ever truffle foray for the public in Sussex and maybe in England too! Be the first!

We will be hunting with my truffle hound Zebedee, this is none the less still a challenge and a real hunt, I will take you to areas where in my expertise I feel that we will have very good chances of finding, although it is not called hunting without a reason, I don’t always come home with black diamonds. Sometimes you do sometimes you don’t. It’s a bit like fishing! However it’s always a good day out with lots of truffle knowledge to be learnt and plenty of tips to be had to help you on your way to becoming a truffle hunter, although having a trained dog is an essential part of the kit! Truffle hounds welcome!

1st October                                                                                    Petworth                                                                     10am-3pm

                                            In the hunt of Porcini 

This foray will be focused on finding mushrooms from the boletus family but one in particular the penny bun, cep or better known by chefs as the porcini, a king of the mushroom world.

I will show you how to prepare and cook them in an open on site rustic kitchen too, a little extra bonus for you all, as they are so special!

2nd Octboer                                                                                    Horsham                                                                    10am- 3pm       

               Searching for species of mushroom found in broadleaf woodland

This will be a general foray for the more experienced hunter gatherer, hoping to achieve a colourful basket of edible mushrooms at the end of the day. I will show you how to prepare and cook these for their best flavours to be appreciated; again this will all be done on site in an open kitchen in the woods!

8th October                                                                                      Petworth                                                                    10am-3pm  

                Searching for species of mushroom in conifer woodland                                

Another good opportunity to find some mushrooms of a different genus, some only found in conifer like the unmistakable cauliflower fungus.

A good days hunting !


9th October                                                                                        Alfriston                                                                   10am-5pm


                         Mixed  fungi foray/Truffle and Mushroom hunt

Coming to the end of the season, all will be dependent! A good days foraging with variation and mixed woodland all in one. This day out will probably be the last one so I will make it a good long day; this one is for the fit an able, ready to keep pace and active, I will keep you posted via my blog at and!/mycomel1  and you can call me on my mobile for any further questions or bookings 07896156664.  I charge £60.00 per person per foray and £80.00 per person for a truffle hunt, small groups only max five so book early!

A mushroom foray will take up the whole day but will be split up into various parts. Starting with an introduction to mushrooms before we set off, highlighting a few mushroom picking rules and code of conduct for sustainable picking and regard for the local environment.

I will also point out what we should expect to find and give you hand-outs with photos. I will be showing you ways how to identify good edible species and especially the poisonous ones.  Absolute rule, No mushrooms are to be consumed without a professionals opinion first on any of my forays.

All participants must be suitably dressed, long trousers preferably and boots. Raincoats and hats always advisable, a stick for poking about the under bracken and don’t forget a basket, plastic bags are just not acceptable and destroy your finds. Refreshments i.e. water a must! Insect spray too!


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