One little truffle saved the day!

 A find thanks to Zebedee and myself hunting on the South Downs today on a mushroom and truffle foray. Dickie and Patty in the picture above must have been relieved as due to little rain the mushrooms have been poor and far and few between, somehow I think this made up for it!! Thankfully truffles are a bit more resistant to dry spells! Well done Zeb, he picked up the scent from the smallest left over crumbs from a previous forest dwellers feast and then zeroed in to find what I think must have been the last one there. Diggings had alerted me to look in that area, in fact they were very neat holes that caught my eye and looked as if the truffles had been plucked from the ground, leaving the roots still pointing upwards in the center of the holes, very neat, very impressive! I then put Zeb to work and he came up trumps. He got a good dinner tonight !
                                                    Successful day.

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