Just when I thought it was all over!

A basket of Ceps, Wood Blewits, Amethyst deceivers and a Shaggy parasol. A good day out! The Blewits are the big purple and brown ones. Look at the colour of that basket just amazing the blewits almost look too crazy to eat,I have never tried them before so here goes. I do not recommend anyone to do this, I have x referenced with many books and the internet and using many years of experience to be able to tell the look a like species apart from one another. These mushrooms could be confused with Cortinarius, Hebeloma and Entoloma , these genus’s have many species within them which are very poisonous and deadly ! Take great care picking all wild mushrooms and only with the advise of a pro! ! BLEWITS MUST BE COOKED, OTHERWISE POISONOUS!


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