The opportunity for me to work in a Tasmanian commercial truffle plantation.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a gentleman called Simon who manages a commercial truffle plantation in Tasmania, producing Tuber melanosporum, the french black truffle. Simon who has a military background training dogs has now turned his skills to training truffle hounds for the use in his plantations at harvest time. I had the pleasure of taking him out and showing him a wild truffle woodland with excellent examples of large brulees around large beech trees. There are no native truffles in Tasmania so Simon had never seen a natural truffle woodland or a dog working out in the wild so he was very keen to see this , Zeb worked well and to crown it all he  found a truffle which completed the whole experience for my new Tasmanian friend.

I have been offered  the opportunity to go out to Tazmania and work on the plantation at harvest time, what an amazing offer, I feel very honored! Simon was very complimentary about my achievements with Zeb and I eagerly listened to all of his first class tips and tweeks,little instructions for the benefit and refinement of Zeb’s further truffle career. A great Day, thanks Simon!


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