St Georges Day Foray 23rd April 2012 Book Now!

Virtually on the day, St Georges mushrooms appear! That is if the season behaves as it should.We have been experiencing somewhat erratic weather of late affecting the fruiting bodies. Mushrooms appearing at very strange times and extended seasons occurring or no season at all when there should have been, all a bit mad!.

However sticking to natures calender I am planning a foray on the 23rd April for this very uniquely mealy flavored mushroom with a great firm texture and a good mushroom for the beginner to learn. Not a lot around at this time of year to confuse it with but one still has to be careful. They could be confused with Inocybe and Entolama fungi. They grow in large rings in the grassy fields, pasture, woodland and under hedges  and they are particular to growing in chalky soil. A large ring could yield up to a few kilos  of mushrooms. It is a wonderful time of year and wild garlic grows abundantly the perfect marriage for those handsome St Georges!


Morel hunt coming soon!

Spring Foray
Just look at these babies! Getting very excited only weeks to go!



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