Forays for the Bio Blitz, volunteers needed !


Dates of Forays for the National BioBlitz
Friday14th September & Friday 28th September.
Friday 12th October & Friday 26th October.
Friday16th November & Friday 30th November

On the above dates we will be going out to record as many species of fungi as possible for BioBlitz, a campaign for UK wide Biodiversity.

On these mushroom forays I will also point out what we should expect to find and give you hand-outs with photos. I will be showing you ways how to identify good edible species and especially the poisonous ones. Absolute rule, No mushrooms are to be consumed without a professionals opinion first on any of my forays. All participants must be suitably dressed, long trousers preferably and boots. Raincoats and hats always advisable, a stick for poking about the under bracken, I have a basket or two that is all we need.

All my forays are insured and fully covered with public and products liability insurance. I am a current member of the British Mycological Society.

Contact me to book further private spring, summer or autumn forays and follow me on my blogs, facebook and Twitter.
Tel- 07896156664 e mail- fb-truffleandmushroomhunter Twitter- Mycomel1


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