A beautiful day for a foray

Warnham Nature Reserve Foray was a great success with a good amount of fungi to look at! It seems that it is the year of Pluteus, they seem to be every where I look, Deer Shields, Willow Shields and Velvet Shields  Saw some amazing Cup fungi, Tan Ear, Otidea onotica today..Honey fungus is just popping its caps out but also rife, a problem to come for foresters and gardeners with all the spores that will be floating around after this mass fruiting could have a seriously negative affect on the trees in the local area, as if the rhizomorphs  weren’t enough to deal with! I have seen many Roll Rims, Paxillus family, a poisonous mushroom that has been commonly eaten abroad but now proven to be deadly as the toxins accumulate and after one too many the body cannot take it and it becomes a fatal dose! Amanitas off all descriptions are out I’ve seen citrina, alba, phalloides, muscaria,pantherina and rubescens so watch out not all of these are dangerous but some are deadly so be careful and take care identifying your mushrooms!

A young Willow Shield

A nibbled more expanded Willow Shield

The white free gills and stem, with a piece of the dead willow attached to the base, which helped me id it as it looked like it was attached to the ground but actually it was attached to dead wood.

A Deer Shield

A more mature specimen Pluteus cervinus found on rotten oak under the ground.

Full cap view!

Cup fungi, Tan Ear, Otidea onotica

More Tan ear

Somethings enjoyed this Honey fungus.

A young Amanita


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