What I did with the Chicken of the Woods and St Georges.



Chicken of the Woods has to be cooked very well to avoid stomach cramps so as I was feeding members of the public I always make double sure by frying first till golden, then braising in a little water to steam for a further 15 minutes until water evaporated, defo safe then! At this stage it is then ready for any use.


Larger pieces of Chicken of the Woods, fried and braised as before but now ready to bread crumb.


Paneed Chicken of the Woods, yum with wild garlic pesto!


These are the chopped and fried St Georges, they need to be browned to taste good. A strong mealy flavour some find too much but with the wild garlic and well seasoned its a hit for me! Ready to use in sauces with steak or any meat, but lambs good too one of my favorites as its all in season, I like using multiple ingredients that are in season at the same time, they seem to compliment each other all for the better!


Sometimes simple is best and nothing beats an honest wild mushroom omelette !




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