Last chance to book a reduced price for truffle hound training.

 My introductory discount of 120 pounds for the Zoom courses is coming to an end on the 1st of March and will return to 150 pounds thereon after so if you were thinking of doing this book now to profit; this also applies to my reduced hourly rate of 50 pounds to 60 for follow up courses, intermediates and skilled. Thank you. 
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Zoom Truffle Hound Training

 Truffle Hound Training.Without knowing your dog it is very hard to tell how quickly or not it will take to this new form of scent work; I would know more after the "First Intro to Truffle Course" I offer and I am brutally honest! Nothing worse than training a reluctant dog and a waste of my time and your money. Most surprise me and learn fast...
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Thank you Emily Anderson at Country Life

Thanks to Emily Anderson for the feature in Country Life. A few snippets: "Snuffing out a tasty treat; Melissa Wassingham, spaniel Ela and labrador Sebedee hunt through the beech woods of the South Downs for fragrant black truffles." "I use a labrador because they are loyal, greedy and eager to please, but any working dog can be taught to hunt out ...
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Trees, Mushrooms and Truffles

My name is Melissa Waddingham and I am a truffle hunter and wild mushroom picker. In the spring and autumn months I run mushroom forays, truffle hunts, talks, courses and throughout the year I provide truffle hound training days for your truffle hound to be.I also manage woodlands for the sustainable production of truffle. For more information rega...
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Mushroom and Truffle Forays 2017

I provide days out foraging for mushrooms and the occasional truffle hunt for a small amount of people that I am happy to share my truffle and mushroom knowledge with. I will take you to places where I look myself with every chance of finding, because the soil, trees and environment is right, a special place! These places are always close to person...
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Hunting with the Truffle Fly an acquired skill.

I'm back after a long three months of exploring many truffle grounds abroad...what a trip! The dogs are glad to be home! So the season is here and the dogs will have to work yet again but in cooler temps of which they will be grateful I'm sure; me too foraging so early or late to escape the sun was exhausting.... I have learnt new techniques to add...
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The New Forest, Fungi Ban

There is very little scientific evidence for either argument, lets face it. I would like to see more and it is down to foragers like myself and others to put management practices in place which, in hand, become research projects within their own right to combat the wild accusations flying around, once and for all. I believe the obvious, hence I'm m...
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Special Offer Before Price Increase

It saddens me to have to put up my prices but to keep up with current licence costs which have gone up considerably, in some cases doubled and general running costs I am obliged to do this otherwise I will not be able to carry on with these courses.I have altered my course costs on the bottom of the foray page but if you book between now and the 10...
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Truffle Hunting in France

Currently in France and been invited to hunt with Zebedee and Ela for Summer truffles by a local hunter and grower on his plantation and wild orchard, I feel honoured. Also organising some future foraging holidays abroad for truffle, mushrooms and other foraged goodies, exploring new territories to help extend my working season. I will keep you all...
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My Truffle Tag Line

I'm adopting this phrase as my tag line as I use it so frequently "Look for truffle, look for truffle" it's got a great ring to it puts a kick in the dogs step and always keeps me smiling!
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Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and want to take this opportunity to thank all my clients that have been out with me in 2016. Another bountiful season although a tad late in arriving which had me worried for a while but all came good in a rather back to front manner. Looking forward to another season in 2017 with the addition of some Spring a...
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Wakehurst Place Staff Foray

Wakehurst Place
So nice to get feed back from events, especially one like this:"Hey Melissa!Yeah it was absolutely brilliant, felt like I seen the gardens in a whole new perspective and everyone really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot, so thanks so much. "From Maya, seed collections assistant at Wakehurst PlaceNice, thank you
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Wakehurst Place - Bountiful Botanics

Come and see me this weekend at Wakehurst Place I will be doing a fungi talks an' walks.
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They are still out there!

truffles and mushrooms in hand
If you wish to hunt for truffles they are still out there, a combination of Summer truffle and T mesentericum our black winter truffle. So still time to book a foray before it all comes to an end!
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Truffle Hunting Vouchers

Thinking about great present ideas? Vouchers are now available for Truffle Hunts & Mushroom Forays for Season 2018/19 or as a monetary gift voucher for other services including Dog Training. Our vouchers make interesting and novel gifts for the fungi lover, gastronome or someone to just enjoy a rewilding experience in Sussex truffle woodlands! ...
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My New Logo

Proud to present my new logo! A big thank you to Tess Smith and Emma Clifford for the ideas and finished product; it's amazing I love it and says it all!
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Devil's Fingers just in time for Halloween *Cackle Cackle*

Sedgwick House Mushroom Foray, Clathrus archeri I believe, shame some got mowed over by the gardener but he won't be doing it again he has promised :-) Best find of the day, a first for me!
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Summer truffle for sale!

I have a little extra Sussex summer truffle for sale if anyone is interested...?  Get in touch.
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Truffle Hound Pups

I'm making plans to have a litter of pups with Ela, probably by early next year. I will be truffle hound training them for twelve months and then they will be ready for sale and rehoming to special interested individuals. If anyone would like to know more please contact me to discuss. Only apply if your a serious ethical forager working within good...
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Ex Pats Living Abroad

I'm looking to connect with British ex pats in the next month or two that live in France, Spain or Portugal that have truffle plantations or wild truffle orchards that need help at harvest time or for those that would like to consider woodland management for the sustainable harvest of T aestivum and T melansporum. If you are and you are not sure if...
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