A gap in biological education


A true word spoken by Norman Porrett from the British Mycology Society, he points out a ridiculous gap in biological education,I notice this gap a lot on my forays when explaining the functions of fungi so many clients are enlightened and completely unaware of their ecology and the ways in which we combine our lives. and the importance of fungi presence and environmental health. An issue we should address!

Norman says, " "You may or may not be aware that there is no mention at all of fungi in the National Curriculum document.It is disturbing that the words "animal" and "plant" each occurs more than sixty times implying that the biology to be taught in schools does not extend much beyond animals and plants. This is a factually misleading view of the life on the planet and catastrophic from the point of view of advancement of biological, ecological, nutritional and industrial sciences. It indicates that the government is fully prepared to overlook, in school-leavers; knowledge of the existence of yeast, mycorrhizas and lichens, the role of fungi in nutrient recycling and in the pharmaceutical and food industries, or as agents of disease. It is a great omission not to mention the Fungal Kingdom which is arguably the largest kingdom of organisms on the planet with over 1.5 million species estimated including both filamentous and yeast growth forms. Life on Earth would not exist without fungi. Teaching biology without mentioning fungi is like trying to teach someone to read with only two thirds of the alphabet. It is paramount that this omission is averted in the English Education System."

Well said Norm

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Summer Newsletter 2013

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