Looking for woodland with the potential to host a woodland based organisation.

Attention woodland owners and estate owners I am currently looking for somewhere to base my woodland/mushroom hunting outdoor activity center. Ideally it would suit me to have access to either a redundant farm building or barn that could be modified to hold lectures, talks and courses. It will be necessary to have access to the woodlands and surrounding countryside to hold forays. Showing people how to forage in a sustainable manner and with codes of conduct, explaining and raising general awareness to the complex relationships and functions within woodlands and countryside ecology, Hopefully gaining enjoyment, respect and understanding with the public  for the protection of their local environment.

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truffleandmushroomhunter 2012-01-18 12:17
Thanks Anna, well I suppose 15 - 20 mile radius from Horsham, near the downs would be preferable.
claireandanna 2012-01-18 09:06
Sounds a great plan, can' wait! Meanwhile, good luck with the hunt and will let you know if I hear of anywhere suitable. How wide is your zone?

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