Stick to the Rules


A gentle reminder to all my fellow foragers, to remain above the law can I remind you as responsible foragers it is our sole responsibility to investigate the land and its restrictions before harvesting as many woodlands, countryside and beaches have areas of SSSI's (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and local bylaws sometimes protecting the removal of anything even a blade of grass; these areas are not always advertised on public noticeboard and sometimes not even common local knowledge. Generally these areas are protecting something specific, something that is in decline or of scientific interest, hence the need to leave these species well alone, the protected species are listed and the information in regard of these areas is publicly available, so do the research and get permission for what you want to harvest before you consider foraging in these areas please; harvesting unprotected organisms from these delicate communities may have an effect upon the food chain supporting the protected species within.....If we wish to continue with what I consider our heritage it would be wise to abide by these rules otherwise we may face a blanket ban as in Epping Forest and other places whom seem quick to jump on this ridiculous band wagon.(To those whom may not be aware Epping Forest is out of bounds) Public access does not always mean its your right pick! I teach codes of conduct and safe harvesting techniques on all my forays and firmly believe that a good education about these affairs is better than none for a safer, sustainable and ethical approach, Lets enjoy and respect our freedom in this ever constricting world we live in before we can't even pick a mushroom anywhere other than if we own the land. Many thanks!
If unsure check your area for SSSI'S on here or ask the landowner!

My personal best 418g one Summer Truffle
Truffle and Mushroom Hunter Newsletter 2014

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