Sustainable Woodland Management for the Production of Wild Truffle


I now offer a service managing large areas of woodlands in suitable areas for the sustainable production of wild truffle, a new concept for this country and abroad so I am told. An idea that I have been studying for some time now and with my forestry background coupled with my knowledge of truffle it proves to be a concept which could be very interesting for the future, for the landowner and all concerned, increasing income from woodlands other than timber and pheasant rearing and shooting. This is an attractive concept as there is so little money in forestry. This form of agro forestry management will not only provide a sustainable crop of truffle over many generations but it will help conserve these delicate areas too, if managed correctly which is my intention and primary aim. This will be a new type of agro forestry considered for the wild undertaken in England and performed within existing woodland of all ages in suitable chalky areas.

The areas considered will be researched, surveyed and monitored every year to assess results from harvesting and record any positive/negative factors i.e. climatic conditions, plus many other variables which could affect production either way and with a regard to what can be done to improve production at all times within natural parameters and existing management objectives.

I will have the scientific support from a leading gentleman in the UK and international truffle industry, helping me monitor and record all data involved with such a ventures. Projects such as this provide the means for interesting research opportunities in the UK as well as the commercial viability, which is equally important.

Harvesting truffle and managing woodland for the sustainable production of truffle is more than achievable in most woodlands that fit the criteria on the South downs, North Downs and other chalk or limestone regions. If you own woodland and are interested in any of the above please contact me for further enquiries, incidentally you would also be contributing valuable truffle data for the UK as part of the research that would be involved to oversea harvesting practices. Survey of site for suitability can be undertaken for initial fee and if suitable, harvesting and monitoring proposal with partnership details per site can be arranged free of charge for you to consider.

The result of a venture like this is that we will be able to manage woodland for the sustainable production of wild truffle, providing Sussex and the UK food market with small quantities of a very desirable luxury and locally produced gourmet product. Fit for fine dining and many other culinary uses whilst conserving these delicate, rather undervalued but fruitful areas, in soil generally considered infertile. . . .what could be better to raise the spirits of the frugal landowner and increase truffle awareness!

Truffle and Mushroom Hunter Newsletter 2014
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