Zoom Truffle Hound Training


 Truffle Hound Training.

Without knowing your dog it is very hard to tell how quickly or not it will take to this new form of scent work; I would know more after the "First Intro to Truffle Course" I offer and I am brutally honest! Nothing worse than training a reluctant dog and a waste of my time and your money. Most surprise me and learn fast especially with the added benefit of coming out with me in truffle woods and my dogs, when of course their home and garden skills are up to it. This will be next season now and gives plenty of time for practice. Coming out with my dogs increases the learning by more than half it is phenomenal! It also depends on what level of competence you require from your dog as you get what you put in! It is a kin to training a dog for the blind, explosives or drugs. Time, patience and dedication is needed to be a pro but if you just want a hobby with no professional capacity as an activity for you and your dog then it is a different game to a certain degree; still with responsibilities as a forager, duty of care and as a matter of respect I always advocate for permission and always in commercial capacity. 

One has to remember your investment is fast rewarded when your dog starts to find for many reasons, connected with nature, rewarded for all your hard work, mentally, physically, gastronomically, a happy healthy dog and financially with all the correct permissions in place. Some people have to invest over a 1000 pounds, some others two or three sessions and they are off! It totally depends on you and your dog, also dedication and consistency.

The intro to truffle course will be a two hour session depending on your dog's concentration and live dog training session. As it is a live zoom meeting I will do this for a reduced price  I will ask you to get some simple training aids prior to the course. If you wish to pursue I will set up a zoom meeting for you full of info to get you started with knowledge and confidence. 

Truffle fact!

When they are trained to find one species of truffle they can locate all species; T aestivum, T melanosporum and the magnificent T magnatum if you were to hunt abroad with permission. We have 38 species in England but not the two latter mentioned above but other good edibles. I would also like a little info about your dog please, age, breed and anything about character etc.  I look forward to hearing from you by email or via the form in the Dog Training section. many thanks.

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