The truffle season is here! It is the perfect time to be thinking about training your young dog to be a truffle hunter!  If foraging, long walks, stimulating your dog and gourmet treasures are your thing then it is a very rewarding and pleasurable hobby that you should consider for you and especially your dog. Dogs love having a task, especially one that pleases their owners so it becomes mutually rewarding and fun.

 A perfect way to destress from our hectic daily lives. When hunting all one can do is concentrate on the job in hand, it's intense, absorbing, exciting and time consuming, as in the time flies past!! We all know how that happens when having a good time or concentrating.  A form of meditation, emmersing yourself in the woodlands, the canopy and soil; taking in and understanding the surroundings, time errelevant and feeling a part of the community around you; learning and understanding, growing and gaining a greater respect for the awareness and knowledge gained from our natural and troubled world. A chance to reconnect and think about the future of our natural world and what we can do to help it in an organic and resorative way.

The Intro to Truffle Training Course and beginner lessons will now be available for you at a location near me in Lewes or at your home at a quiet location near you. The course is now in two parts. Part one a two hour course will solely be about training you and your dog. It will also be an assessment of your dog and how you both inter-react It will include a series of exercises for you to learn and then go forth to practice in coming months until you get the desired outcome, i.e. Finding all the baits well hidden during your dog’s  training around the house, garden and eventually out in the woods. This first part will include training tips, what not to do and how to overcome many common problems people encounter without guidance. I will teach you how to work as a team and how important this bond and understanding of your dog is, which will give you positive results.
The second part of the course will be teaching you to find truffles from a hunters perspective and experience, i.e. Visual clues, aroma, truffle ecology, soil, tree id, truffle id, sustainable harvesting techniques, the law and more! This is an essential part of the course to learn, putting your training into use with an edge of knowledge that is very valuable to a novice. This could be done with me in the woods after you have practised or as an on line Zoom course.
I have been doing both training courses on Zoom since being stuck in Portugal. So if for convenience this medium can also be arranged but I think many of you have been waiting for me to get back.
The Zoom calls have worked very well and everyone so far has been pleased, me included. All the info and analytics of you and your dog are most certainly transferable through this form of media; I have been pleasantly surprised, testimonials are on my website, facebook and linkedIn. Please do not be put off that this course is on line, I have had great success so far and I can assure you all the information will be enough to train you and your dog.
I am very generous with my information, all of my clients have successfully trained  their dogs after one or two of my courses if you put in the practice and your dog passes the assessment, most do! 
 I do however offer each course individually according to your needs and if the training part is all you require or just part two that can also be arranged. Please contact me by email for course prices.
I would also like a little info about your dog please, anything about character etc. Training can take a while and the quicker I can get you started the better, as the working life of a dog after training is short really in the grand scheme of things.

Once the course has been booked, paid for and all your information ie truffle hound training notes have been sent out, the course is non refundable, due to the amount of info shared.

I hope this has helped and please do not hesitate to contact me again for any more info.

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