Truffle Hunting in France

Currently in France and been invited to hunt with Zebedee and Ela for Summer truffles by a local hunter and grower on his plantation and wild orchard, I feel honoured. Also organising some future foraging holidays abroad for truffle, mushrooms and other foraged goodies, exploring new territories to help extend my working season. I will keep you all posted to what becomes available to those of you that would consider a creative, fun filled foraging holiday in the sun 😎 #trufflehunting #truffles #foraging #trufflehounds #fungi

Special Offer Before Price Increase

It saddens me to have to put up my prices but to keep up with current licence costs which have gone up considerably, in some cases doubled and general running costs I am obliged to do this otherwise I will not be able to carry on with these courses.

I have altered my course costs on the bottom of the foray page but if you book between now and the 10th of May it will be at the original price of £80 instead of £100 per person for a truffle hunt/mixed fungi and truffle or £60 instead of £80 per person for a mushroom foray.


Many thanks


Truffle Hound Pups

I’m making plans to have a litter of pups with Ela, probably by early next year. I will be truffle hound training them for twelve months and then they will be ready for sale and re homing to special interested individuals. If anyone would like to know more please contact me to discuss. Only apply if your a serious ethical forager working within good terms of practice, love dogs and desire a working loving companion for life! Once this is established on the receipt of a deposit I will put your name down on the reserve list to secure your puppy. I will be keeping one too.

Ex Pats living abroad

I’m looking to connect with British ex pats in the next month or two that live in France, Spain or Portugal that have truffle plantations or wild truffle orchards that need help at harvest time or for those that would like to consider woodland management for the sustainable harvest of T aestivum and T melansporum. If you are  and you are not sure if your woodlands have truffle, I do woodland surveys to establish the potential for you.

Choiromyces meandriformes

Choiromyces meandriformes, often smooth yellow/white and brown however sometimes cracked and variable resembling warts! However with these tubular like ornamentations on the spores and large ascos it could not be anything else :-)It smells like a pear drop a very chemically one, not considered good to eat as it can cause gastro irritations but commonly eaten in Northern Europe.