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Talk by renowned truffle and mushroom hunter Melissa Waddingham.

Weds 9th May 2018 7.30pm

D2 Centre, Henley

Contact for tickets. £7


This talk will be aiming to raise awareness of solutions that are available to resolve our 21st century problems in regard of plastic use, contamination and landfill space via the use and magical properties of fungi.

The time is now or never. The contamination from carbon derivatives is at a critical level, poisoning all our environments and those that live along side it.
Radicle action is required before it really is too late to save our planet. Estimated time at our present date to recover the damage we have done is considered to take 10,000 years and doubling every year!!

We will be examining ways in which we can mycoremediate landfill sites and oil spills from mining sites. We will also be exploring the possibilities that micro beads can be removed from our seas, rivers and our water supplies; whilst researching alternatives to plastic use.

It is time to move forward and embrace the natural solutions but who in this modern world is prepared to and how?


Truffle and Mushroom Events

I am also available to be privately booked for events such as birthdays, hen/stag parties, corporate days etc. Perhaps you don't wish to spend a day foraging but would simply like a truffle or mushroom themed culinary experience.

Please use the form to contact me with your requirements.

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