After much thought and the increasing demand for online courses I now run one to one Zoom classes to help train you and your dog. The Intro to Truffle Training Course and beginner lessons will now be available for you at home or in your garden/local woods using Zoom. I will be charging a bit less as a result so if you want to train your dog this is a marvellous opportunity! I teach you and your dog, predominantly you! I will load you with truffle info from training tips to truffle ecology, soil, tree id, truffle id, sustainable harvesting techniques and more! 

The Zoom calls have worked very well so far although somewhat alien initially and strange not being there in person but everyone so far has been pleased, me included. All the info and analytics of you and your dog are most certainly transferable through this form of media; I have been pleasantly surprised with the results dictated to us all by Covid!
The intro to truffle course will be a two hour call including a live dog training session and assesment, depending on your dog's concentration of course.  It is a live zoom meeting and introductory course Please email me for course prices. I will ask you to get some simple training aids prior to the course.
I would also like a little info about your dog please, age breed, sex, it's history and anything about character etc.  Training can take a while and the quicker I can get you started the better as the working life of a dog after training is short really in the grand scheme of things. If you were to practice now by the time I get back you would be ahead of time and possibly be ready for the woods on my return. 
 If you wish to pursue, I will set up a zoom meeting for you full of info to get you started with knowledge and confidence. 
Truffle fact: When they are trained to find one species of truffle they can locate all species; T aestivum, T melanosporum and the magnificent T magnatum if you were to hunt abroad with permission. We have 38 species in England but not the two latter mentioned above but other good edibles. 
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